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For many years Longcliffe has been and still is considered one if not the leading golf course in Leicestershire.

We are always happy to advise on the current position regarding the waiting list and membership offers for prospective new members and any other membership queries.

The Club is especially keen to encourage applications for membership from juniors, ladies and those in the age range of twenty-one to thirty. The one-off entrance fee is scaled according to the applicant's age at joining and is detailed below; juniors and young members also enjoy very reasonable subscription rates.

Online Membership Application Form
Printable Membership Form
Women in Golf Charter Certificate

Current offers:

  • Under our current Women in Golf initiative, joining fees for new Lady members are not applicable and there is currently no waiting list restrictions.
  • If the requested membership category is full and you join a different membership category which would normally have a higher Joining Fee, the Joining Fee will be as per the category defined by your age i.e. 35 years old or less will be as per a Young category.

Current Subscription Rates and Joining Fees (Oct 2023 - Sept 2024)

Membership Category Annual SubscriptionJoining Fee
Full 7 day member £1330.00£600.00
6 day member £1080.00£600.00
5 day member £890.00£600.00
Young member (30 - 35 years) £1120.00£400.00
Young member (25 - 29 years) £865.00£400.00
Young member (21 - 24 years) £610.00£200.00
Young member (18 - 20 years) £360.00£200.00
Junior (Under 18 years) £95.00£50.00
Junior (Under 12 years) £50.00£50.00
Full time Student (under 25) £360.00£100.00

Prospective Country Membership Information

Longcliffe Golf Club offers the option to join as a Country Member, a category which is aimed at golfers who reside permanently more than Fifty miles from the golf club.

For a joining fee of £200 and an annual fee of £500 you will enjoy all the benefits of a six-day member:

  • Unrestricted golf on any day except Saturdays
  • Use of all facilities including the practice ground, Clubhouse, Bar & Catering
  • A membership card entitling you to a discount on bar purchases
  • Country members will not be eligible to stand for election to the Management Committee, nor to vote at General meetings.

Further details of Country Membership may be obtained from the Secretary.

Social Membership / Non-Playing Membership

Non-Playing (Social) membership is available to both new and past playing members of the club who do not wish to play golf, but wish to retain the social benefits of the club. Social members are able to attend social functions, Club Nights and regular dining events at the Club, get discount on their food and drink at the Club and still be part of the Club raffle draws.

The annual subscription for new members from October 2023 is £75 + VAT per year. The fee for past playing members transferring to a Non-Playing (Social) membership is £20.00 plus VAT per year. As from 2023, if a past Playing member transfers to a Non-Playing membership and then later decides to become a Playing member again, there is no re-joining fee.