Update for Visitors: Please always check course status for playing conditions

Acting with integrity

Following the rules, applying all penalties, and being honest in all aspects of play. 

Showing consideration to others

Playing at a prompt pace, looking out for the safety of others, and not distracting the play of another player.

Taking good care of the course

Replacing divots, smoothing bunkers, repairing ball-marks, and not causing unnecessary damage to the course.

Ready Golf

Longcliffe has adopted the principles of 'Ready Golf'.  These include:

  • Take no longer than 40 seconds over your shot.
  • If you are ready to play, and it's safe, then play.
  • No honour - except in match play - the first player ready plays.
  • Shorter hitters play first from the tee or fairway if longer hitters have to wait.
  • Players should play their own ball before helping to look for a lost ball.
  • Take no longer than 3 minutes to look for your ball.
  • Around the green, play rather than wait for a player to rake a bunker or walk to the back of the green to assess their shot.  Putt out even if it means standing close to someone else’s line.

There are no hard and fast rules to ready golf, but a few sensible ideas to avoid slow play and develop the 'Ready Golf' habit.  If each player saves one minute on each hole (three minutes for a three ball) then a considerable amount of time can be saved. 

Please Remember

  • Keep up with the match in front, not ahead of the match behind.
  • If you fall a hole behind allow the following match to play through.
  • Allow the match on a forward tee to play first.
  • Be quiet when another match is putting on an adjoining green.
  • Wait until the match on 7th green has putted out before teeing off on the 10th tee.
  • When walking out don't join the course on a hole when there are golfers on the preceding hole.