Captain's Quiz – Week 11 Answers
Subject – Animals, Weather & Garden?
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1 What Does A Butterfly Use To Taste? Its Feet
2 What Do You Call A Group Of Kangaroo’s? A Troop
3 What Is The Most Common UK Bird? The Blue Tit
4 Which Bird Can Fly Backwards? The Humming Bird
5 What Animal Is A Chester White? A Pig
6 What Is The Collective Term For Ducks? A Paddling
7 Which Flightless Bird Is The Emblem Of New Zealand? The Kiwi
8 What Is The Largest Carnivore Native to the UK? The Badger
9 Of Which Animal Is The Gander The Female? Goose
10 What Colour Is The Australian Swan? Black
11 A hurricane is a tropical storm which exceeds which speed: (a)74 mph, (b)94 mph, or (c)114 mph? 74 mph (a)
12 Which slang term for a tornado is also the title of a 1996 film? Twister
13 What name is given to an area of high pressure, which brings long periods of settled weather? Anticyclone
14 What number is a violent storm on the Beaufort scale? 11
15 In which month does winter begin in the Southern Hemisphere? June
16 Which country has won the most medals throughout Winter Olympic history? Norway
17 Which of the following cities gets the most rainfall per year: (a)Tokyo, (b)London, (c)Chicago, or (d)Rome? (a)Tokyo
18 What term referring to big seasonal winds bringing heavy rainfall was first used in English in British India? Monsoon
19 "Now is the winter of our discontent" is the opening line from which William Shakespeare play? Richard III
20 At what temperature are both the Celsius and Fahrenheit scales exactly the same? Minus 40 degrees
21 What is the name given to the technique of clipping trees and hedges into ornamental shapes? Topiary
22 Trees that shed their leaves every year are called what? Perennial (deciduous)
23 Which cereal must be grown in water? Rice
24 What do Yew; Laburnum Seeds & Mistletoe berries have in common? They are poisonous
25 Which grain is used to make semolina? Wheat
26 What is the sacred flower of the Buddhist religion? Lotus
27 Who designed the Blue Peter Garden in 1974? Percy Thrower
28 Charles Darwin described this carnivorous plant? The most wonderful plant in the world? What is the name of this plant? Venus Flytrap
29 The love apple is the original name for what? Tomato
30 The Death Cap is the most poisonous variety of what? Mushroom

Next Set of Questions Monday 15th June. Hope you have enjoyed.
Feel free to share your scores with me…. Andrew Harding – Club Captain

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