Captain's Quiz – Week 16
Subject – People
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Captain's Quiz – Week 16
Subject – People

1 In Golf, Who was the first German to win the German Open?
2 Who was the sidekick to Dangermouse?
3 Who was the first overseas player to play county cricket for Yorkshire?
4 Which actor and actress starred in the original film Brief Encounter?
5 Who did the men from Uncle always thwart?
6 How old does a person have to be before becoming president?
7 In Porridge, what was the full name of the character Ronnie Barker played?
8 Sir Edmund Hillary was the first man in history to stand on which three very isolated locations?
9 Which project did Margaret Thatcher give the go-ahead to in January 1986?
10 Famous quotes: who said the following? "Are you looking for a punch up the bracket?"
11 William & Kate did the same degree subject what was the degree?
12 Which former Goodie is an avid ornithologist?
13 In Only Fools and Horses, what is the name of Boycie's wife?
14 Who was Klara Pölzl?
15 Which Monarch were Guy Fawkes and his cohorts hoping to assassinate?
16 What was the name of the gang headed by Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid?
17 Who was the sidekick to The Green Hornet?
18 Who Is The Patron Saint Of Mountaineers?
19 Who was the first British woman to take her seat in the House of Commons?
20 Which murderer lived at 10 Rillington Place in Notting Hill?
21 Where in Britain in 1913 did Suffragette Emily Davidson die?
22 Who is the only person to have been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, Oscar, Grammy and Golden Globe?
23 Who in 1988 was put in charge of running Broadmoor by the Department of Health?
24 Who served as the longest term as US president?
25 Famous quotes: who said the following? "Pile it high, sell it cheap"
26 Who founded the Salvation Army?
27 Who is the sidekick to Arthur Daley?
28 In The Likely Lads, whom did Bob eventually marry?
29 Cardinal Richleau was whose enemy?
30 Who was Albert De Salvo better known as?

Answers – Friday 17th July - Via Email and Club V1 News. Hope you have enjoyed.
Feel free to share your scores with me….. Andrew Harding – Club Captain

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