Update for Visitors: Please always check course status for playing conditions

A warm welcome to members, visitors and guests - old and new - to Longcliffe Golf Club.

Whether playing for pleasure, in a competition, or as part of a Society outing, or as a single visitor or a full family, you are welcome at Longcliffe Golf Club - A friendly club with an attractive but challenging golf course. Add to this the warm hospitality and friendliness of our staff, both on the course and in our clubhouse and it is clear why so many visitors and societies return year after year. From wherever you travel, either on business or pleasure, you will be made most welcome at Longcliffe.

Longcliffe Golf Club will leave a lasting impression in your memory and you will return in the future to repeat the experience.

Whilst valuing and maintaining the standards associated with a traditional private member's club, Longcliffe recognizes the need to be progressive and always aims to welcome members, visitors and guests with its friendly and relaxed atmosphere. We hope that Longcliffe Golf Club will leave a lasting impression and that you will return in the future to repeat the experience.

Enjoy your Golf.

Martin Downing - Club Captain

Amanda Morgan - Ladies' Captain

Norman Ellis - President

Ecology and wildlife preservation

This is very important at Longcliffe Golf Club and we strive to both protect and preserve the wildlife and the general ecology. Please see below the policy and ecology reports relevant to Longcliffe Golf Club. 

Longcliffe Golf Club - Ecology Report 2020

Longcliffe Golf Club - Wildlife Trust Survey

Longcliffe Golf Club - Environmental Policy

Longcliffe Golf Club - Woodland Management Plan

UK Environmental Award - Finalist

Women in Golf Charter

In 2022 Longcliffe Golf Club established a Women in Golf Charter and received the Women in Golf accreditation from England Golf. Longcliffe Golf Club fully supports and promotes both women and girls being part of the Club and playing golf. 

Charter Signatory Certificate - Longcliffe Golf Club